A 2016 study released by the foremost authority on automotive consumer insights, Autotrader, revealed it is vital for dealerships to have an effective online and social media presence. With customers now spending the majority of the purchase journey online, Dealership Social Media Marketing is no longer something that can be ignored.


Customers Spend the Majority of Their Time Researching Online

The study which surveyed 2131 car buyers, found that car buyers spend almost 60% of the purchasing journey online. This means more than half of the time customers spend researching cars and dealerships is done in a digital format where your advertising can possibly reach them.

This equates to 8.5 hours on average that a customer’s spends online looking at dealerships and the products available to help them make a decision.


It’s Important to Showcase Your Brand Personality

President of Cox Automotive Media, Jared Rowe said the study really reinforced the need for dealerships to showcase their personality online and communicate effectively with customers.

“The study findings reinforce why it is so important for dealers to communicate on experience in addition to product and price,” said Mr Rowe.


Australians are Also Avid Consumers of Social Media

The results are supported by the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report which revealed the average Aussie spends 12.5 hours each week on Facebook.

Social media is becoming more recognised as not only a valuable but a necessary form of advertising and interaction for businesses.

The Sensis report also revealed an increasing number (57%) of Australian’s were using social media every day. Of this over a quarter (26%) of people were checking social media more than five times a day. These figures further highlight social media’s importance as a communication tool.


Facebook is the Platform You Need to Be Across

Sensis General Manager Digital, Alice Mentiplay said Facebook continued to lead as Australia’s most popular platform.

“Facebook continues to dominate with 95% of social media users on the platform and the average time spent on the site rising by more than four hours this year alone,” she said.

While many dealerships haven’t yet evolved to have a developed online and social media presence, they are not alone. The Sensis Report revealed that only 48% of small businesses and 54% of medium size businesses were on social media.


Why Not Having an Online Presence is a Bad Thing

Low adaption across social media channels means dealerships are missing out on valuable opportunities to interact with and advertise to their customers.

When 69% of Australian’s have social media accounts and 87% use the internet every day, dealerships really can’t afford not to be online and across social media.


Why a Bad Presence Can Be Worse Than Not Having One

As social media is a valuable tool for two-way interaction between a business and its customers it is important to have a strong, professional marketing and monitoring strategy in place.

There are many cautionary tales out there about ineffective or sloppy social media management and its lasting detrimental impact on brand.


Finding the Right Social Media Management Company is Key

Social media is a growing presence which is here to stay, so it’s important to find the tools and people to help you manage this marketing channel properly.

As the 2016 Sensis report puts it:

“Maintaining a business presence on social media is likely to be even more data driven in the future, with a range of new tools coming on line to help businesses manage their social media presence. By choosing the right tools and the right partners, there are some fantastic opportunities for savvy business owners to stand out and succeed on social.”


Finding the Social Media Strategy for Your Dealership

While anyone can open a Facebook Page, running an effective and impactful Dealership social media marketing strategy requires a whole different set of specialised skillsets.

ClickNition is a social media marketing company catering exclusively to the automotive industry.

Automotive social media is what we do best and we get a real thrill out of helping our clients build their dealership up to the best it can be. We continue to stay at the forefront of social media strategies to ensure maximised results for our clients.

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