We thought it would be wise to write a blog post about Facebook advertising graphics, what is allowed and what is not.   Yes, there are rules around what sort of graphics you are allowed to use on Facebook and unfortunately if you want to use them in advertising, you NEED to stick to them!

The number one pain point for all Facebook advertisers is the amount of text you are allowed to use on a graphic.   Too often we are asked to boost a post that is filled with text or asked to add a few lines of text onto a graphic we have already developed….. NOPE, sorry it is just not allowed to happen.

Why can’t I use as much text as I want?
Well Facebook is supposed to be a visually appealing social network for us all to enjoy and if Businesses were allowed to use a large amount of text on their advertising graphics your news feed would start to become cluttered and look more like the opening credits in a Star Wars movie.  If the user’s get upset and decide to leave Facebook then that’s a lose lose situation for everyone.

So what is the rule?
Facebook used to have a strict, no more than 20% text on an image rule.  This was based of their 5×5 grid method and if you had more than 5 boxes (20%) that even had a slither of text appearing in them your advert would be rejected.  Example below;

Old Facebook Text Rule

Now as of June 2016 the old Facebook 20% text rule has been abolished!

You may think you can rejoiced in believing you’re allowed to use as much text as you want on advertising images from now on….. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Yes, there is a new rule for Facebook advertising that allows you to use more text on advertising images. Unfortunately, if you do, this will result in your ad being shown to less people or in other words, your ads will cost more to reach the same audience number.

So the good news is your ad will not be completely denied from running, but, your ad will perform poorly and cost you more to run.

You can read more about the new rule here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/980593475366490

Is the new rule that much different?
We have done some testing on the new rule and it seems as though Facebook is still sort of using the same old 5×5 grid method in the back end.

Below you can see we used the same image with the same text in a variety of different positions and sizes.

Facebook new text rule


When the text was moved slightly to take up more squares in the old 5×5 grid it changed the image from Low Text to High Text, even though there was essentially the same amount of text in the image.


So what’s changed with this new rule?
Well for us, not much.  We are still going to design advertising graphics with the old 20% text rule on the 5×5 grid method.    And.. we are still going to tell you no when you try and request us to promote images with far too much text!


Hopefully Facebook decides to make some positive changes to this rule in the coming years but until then we will continue to challenge those designers out there to come up with creative, minimal text, advertising graphics.

If you want more information on the new Facebook Advertising Graphic Text Rule don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Scott Mackenroth.