All too often, we hear from Dealerships who’ve tried Facebook Lead Ads and claim the leads they generated were rubbish – the leads didn’t end up purchasing, didn’t know they filled out the form, didn’t want to speak to a salesperson or were just not interested.

From our experience, working with hundreds of Australian Dealerships and generating thousands of leads per month, the problem usually isn’t that the leads are poor. The real problem is that some Dealerships & Sales Teams do not fully understand how Facebook Leads are generated and how these leads fit into the modern consumers digital journey to purchasing a new car.

Claiming Facebook doesn’t work simply means Dealerships aren’t looking at the bigger picture. They’re judging the success of Facebook leads based on calling a lead and treating them the same as every other lead source.

Dealerships need to focus on the entire buying journey and realise the modern consumer will complete most of their research & purchasing decisions online and not in the Dealership.

Social Media allows us to engage much earlier and far more frequently in the buying journey than ever before. But, it is imperative that Dealerships understand how to communicate with these leads, provide genuine value & remove points of friction at every interaction.

We have put together the following “How to Turn More Facebook Leads
Into Customers Guide” to help you understand Social Media leads.



We hope this guide enables every Dealership to not only sell more cars using Facebook Lead Ads, but to also create better consumer experiences throughout the car buying journey.