It’s hard to believe it has been 2 years since Facebook Lead Generation Advertising kicked off…. Wow, time flies when you’re busy collecting leads!

At first it seemed like Facebook Lead Generation advertising was going to solve every Dealership’s need for an increase in monthly leads, we quickly realised that yes, it is a fantastic tool, but it also needs to be used in the right way.

A lead from Facebook is not the same as a lead from CarSales, something we spend many hours trying to explain to sales teams around the country.

The consumer is savvy, you can not use Lead Gen adverts as a direct response to an unqualified and unknown audience of consumers. They are just NOT going to express interest or request a test drive from your lead adverts, at least not at a Cost Per Acquisition you will be happy with.

What Facebook Lead Generation adverts have done for the Auto Industry is provided us with a tool to significantly increase the amount consumers that are aware of your business, provide them valuable information and bring them into your marketing funnel.

Over the past couple of years we have created over 500 Facebook Lead Generation adverts for the Auto Industry and it’s safe to say we still love them and will be creating them for many years to come!

If you have never used this type of advertising for your Dealership, you should check out our Facebook Lead Generation Advertising for Car Dealers guide.

So How Much Do Facebook Lead Generation Adverts Cost?

You will be un-happy to know that Australia is the most expensive country in the world for Facebook Advertising, and yes that also applies to average cost per lead with Lead Generation Adverts.

Of course the better your offer/message, targeting and advertising creative is the better the results are you should expect to receive.   The team at LeadsBridge have created this EPIC Lead Generation Advertising info-graphic from over 10 million leads that provides insights on costs and industry use from around the world.

They show below Australia sitting at an average of $49US cost per lead (CPL) and a cost of $33US per lead for the world wide Auto Industry.  However, if your lead ads are costing this much per lead, you need to call us today, we can help!

We have found from our testing that if you are trying to bring in cold traffic with a generic offer or sale you should be aiming for a CPL of under $25AUD.  This is the most expensive style of advert and if your campaign is not created well this can easily blow out!

If you have a hot promotion or something really of value to a lot of people then you should be aiming for a CPL of under $15AUD.

If you are advertising to your known audiences with something of SUPER awesome value then it is likely you will have a CPL of under $10AUD.

Now, CPL is never the real measure of a successful advert. Success comes from how your massage and nurture that lead into becoming a sale.  This aspect of Lead Generation adverts is where the mastery comes from.  Need help? You know who to call ;)

Any way, it’s time to dive into the LeadsBridge info graphic,  Enjoy!   And, if you ever need a tool to sync your adverts from Facebook into your CRM, make sure you check them out > LeadsBridge.