Facebook has introduced a new feature, Instant Replies.

There are over 15 million Australians on Facebook, 70% of them are accessing social networks with their smartphones. With 1/3 of millennials using Facebook Messenger as their preferred mobile messaging platform, you need to ensure that your company is making this form of contact a priority.

When your company starts conversations with users, you’re befriending them on another level. This is how you can change business relationships into personal ones, gaining a customers trust.

With this in mind, Facebook’s Instant Replies, allows Page owners to create, save and use, custom messages when communicating through Facebook Messenger.

By creating these messages, you are essentially interacting with your community as quickly as they can send a message.
These replies can be used to provide users with additional information, such as where else they can contact or thanking them for their message.

This is a great feature for letting customers know that you appreciate their time to and assuring them that they will get a response and will not be ignored.
On the flip side, it could potentially stop negative messages from escalating in the meantime.

The features allows three different options:



The first is an Away Message for outside business hours (you have to add or update your business hours to use this feature). This message can let the user know that their message will be responded to as soon as you open business again or even stop a complaint from escalating. Also, keep in mind you only have 250 characters.



The second is an Instant Reply which is sent immediately after receiving a message. You could use this to thank the user for their message or let them know when you’ll be able to reply. (This message is not sent when status is set to away)






Lastly, a Greeting is also available. This is a small (160 Character) message viewed on the screen before a user sends a message. This could simply greet the user or let them know of another contact they could use.



If you would like to use this feature, simply go into your page settings via Business Manager and select ‘Messaging’ from the menu on the left panel. Here in the ‘Response Assistant’ section, is where you can add in your own instant replies.