Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Why do we want to talk about Facebook Messenger Chatbots for your business? Well, there are now over 900 million people around the world who use Facebook Messenger every month. It’s usage and popularity have grown so much that it’s trending towards the primary short messaging communication platform between friends, family and businesses.

For Automotive Dealerships, Facebook Messenger has just been viewed as another communication / complaint channel that needs to be monitored. But, from the moment Mark Zuckerberg got on stage at F8 (Facebook Developers Conference) in 2016 and announced the Facebook Messenger chatbot ecosystem, the usage of this communication started to change.

We now have the ability to harness this platform as an automated marketing, customer service and broadcasting tool. With Facebook Messenger predicted to be the number 1 communication platform for customer assistance within the next 5 years, we have understandably been busy testing the waters to find you useable solutions!

Before we get into exactly what Chatbots are and how to use them in your Dealership, check out these Messenger stats related to business pages.

Facebook Messenger Statistics

Facebook Messenger means business!

What is a Chatbot?

Basically, a Chatbot is an automated conversation that occurs with a user via simple, easy and friendly interactions. It strips away the complicated graphical interface that most websites contain and delivers answers, assistance and information in a convenient and familiar way.

Why Would My Dealership Use a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Chatbots can be used in place of most human interactions a dealership may have, whether that’s to generate awareness about the dealership or new vehicles, promote a specific offer, assist with trade-in valuations, access vehicle information/brochures, book service appointments or offer general customer support. For the most part each of these goals requires a unique Chatbot and a unique experience in order for the tool to become a valuable consumer entity.

How Do They Work?

Let’s have a look at a ChatBot we have developed for one of our Mazda Dealerships. This is a remarketing customer service Chatbot that aims to assist recent website visitors with any questions they may have. Pro tip: Give your bot a name, it increases user likability and limits their anger if they don’t receive the information they seek. Who could possibly get mad at “Zoomie – the friendly Mazda assistant” ?


This is a very general Chatbot but you can start to see how this might be used to improve business efficiency and provide value to the consumer without the need for human/staff interaction.

Here is another example we created to generate awareness and consumer education around the all-new Subaru XV.

Most of the users who interacted with this Chatbot would have not otherwise searched the internet for the Subaru XV nor called or visited the dealership. With the use of a Chatbot we have created a conversation with the consumer and exchanged their time for valuable information.

Note. Special Thanks to Zupps Mt Gravatt Subaru & Browns Plains Mazda for allowing us to demonstrate their Facebook Messenger Chatbots)

How Do You Get People to Engage with Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

You have gone and created this amazing Chatbot but how do you get the consumers to interact? There needs to be a point of entry, so let’s look at what some of those could be. Note. Some of these features require the use of 3rd party software.

Facebook Advertising with Messenger Destination
This is likely to be one of the primary ways you will bring users into your Chatbot sequence. Develop a Facebook advertising campaign as you would normally with a traffic goal, however, instead of sending the user to a URL you now select Messenger as the destination.

Facebook Messenger Set Advert

Once the user has arrives at your Messenger screen they will be greeted by your Chatbot and subscribed to the message sequence you have placed them in.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Messenger Home Screen Menu
When a user clicks message your Facebook page you have the option of creating a messenger menu. This menu can trigger multiple different bot sequences; Service assistance, Sales assistance.. etc. The user is already on your messenger screen so a Chatbot conversation may provide them the answer they require faster than if they waited for your correspondence.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Messenger Keyword
When a user sends you a message on Facebook messenger you can activate a Chatbot via keyword matches. This is great when you can exactly match a keyword or sentence string to what you expect the user is asking for.
As an example, let’s imagine the user writes you message that contains the word “brochure.” You can trigger your brochure assistant chatbot to recognise the work “brochure” and start an automated message sequence to give the customer the brochure for the vehicle they are interested in.

Facebook Post Keyword
In the same vein as the previous keyword activation of the Chatbot, the same can be done with keywords on a Facebook post. This is a fun way to create engagement from your Facebook page and subscribe users into you Messenger list.
A use case example for this might be if you were trying to drive awareness around a VIP launch night you were hosting at the dealership. You could create a Facebook post on your business page and tell people “something exciting is about to happen at the Dealership on the 24/08/17.” Tell the users if they want to know what that is they need to comment below “VIP.”
You can then trigger your Messenger Chatbot to message everyone who comments that particular keyword with the details of the event.

Website Call to Action
You can bring people into your Messenger platform from outside of the Facebook platform as well. Try adding a popup on your website, a hello bar or simple button. You can code all of these items to trigger a Chatbot sequence to the users Messenger.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots


Facebook Messenger Broadcasts
Want to know what else is great about Chatbots? As soon as a user takes an action (responds to message or clicks a button) they are considered a subscriber and you now have permission to reach out the them through Messenger. Much the same as when someone subscribes to your email marketing they have now subscribed to your Messenger broadcasts.

As time goes on you will start to build a significant list of subscribed Facebook users that you can now send marketing broadcasts to!

Current research shows that up to 60% of people who receive a message on Facebook Messenger through a chatbot are engaging with the message. Compare that rate to email. Even if you have an amazing email marketing list with a 30% to 40% open rate, your click-through rate still ends up being 1% to 3%. That’s 3% engagement versus 60% engagement on a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

How Can You Create One?
Creating a Chatbot is no longer reserved for the hardcore developers, there are now many tools on the market that can guide and assist you through the creation and setup of your very own bot!
But, keep in mind a bot is only as good as its ability to engage its users. In the end, truly engaging experiences are the only way to maintain and nurture consumer relationships that keep them coming back to your dealership time and time again.

Here is a list of Messenger Chatbot creation tools you might want to try.


Get started on your Chatbots today and if you need assistance we would be excited to bring your ideas to life!

Scott Mackenroth
ClickNition – Automotive Marketing