Facebook Live Video has arrived!

This is an exciting time for marketing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, video has rapidly become the top preferred choice of media across all platforms, especially Facebook with more than 100 million hours of video being consumed each day!  The second reason, is because Facebook is giving heaps of ORGANIC reach to Facebook Live Video content.

So if you haven’t made the jump into using Facebook Live, you are letting an awesome opportunity slip by!  Think of it as your own broadcasting station or your very own infomercial – and it’s 100% FREE!

Now you might be thinking, how can I use Facebook Live Video for my dealership?

There are tons of ways to use Facebook Live Video:

  • Sale Events – Show the yard set up with decorations & the staff ready to go! Tell the customers what you are offering!
  • Car Deliveries – Broadcast a customer being surprised with a new car from their mum and dad or husband! Or maybe Show the first delivery of a new model! This is also a great technique to get customers involved & they can potentially share this video later, which will get you more views and engagement!
  • New Vehicles – Broadcast a new model arriving on the lot, or a show the vehicle being driven into the showroom floor. Tell the customers all about it and why they should come and see it!
  • Interviews with Staff Members – Conduct a mini interview! What is their role? What are their tips to looking for the perfect car? Why the customer should visit them? This not only adds personality to your page, but also helps customers visiting in the future to recognise ‘a friendly face’ and could help generate sales for that sales person.
  • Car Technology Demonstrations – Each day there is new technology for a car! Do a demo on how to use it, show the customers how easy it is to use!
  • Dealership Events – Is the team or management attending an awards night or charity event? Do a broadcast from the event! Show the customers what your dealership is involved in around the community.
  • + heaps more!!

Now that I have inspired you with ideas on how to make this FREE marketing tool work for you! How do you use Facebook Live:

You can use Facebook Live either from your Desktop (with access to a webcam) or on your mobile device through the Facebook Pages app (* TIP: Check that the Live feature has been made available to you, as it does take time for Facebook to roll out new features across all accounts).

Here is a checklist you may want to run through before getting started:

  • Make sure your phone battery is fully charged
  • Turn on ‘Aeroplane Mode’ and connect WiFi (if possible)
  • Open your camera and check the lighting and positioning before going live
  • Use a tripod or selfie stick if possible
  • Ensure that Facebook has access to your phones camera and microphone through settings.

It is as simple as clicking on ‘Create a post’ just like you normally would and selecting the Live icon.

Don’t worry you are not going to be live straight away, there are a few more taps!

There are a couple of steps you need to take before you start streaming:

  1. Once the camera opens, click continue – Don’t worry your still not live.
  2. Write an attention grabbing headline – get the customers interested to watch!
  3. Select your camera view. Keep in mind that Facebook live is viewed in a square format, so there is no need to move the camera from landscape to portrait.
  4. Now let’s go live!



With live videos it is best to try and run them for a minimum of 15 mins and a max of 30 mins.

You want to stay on long enough to get people watching and interacting but not too long that it becomes pointless as they don’t have the time to sit for two hours.

Facebook gives you a huge amount of organic reach whilst you are live but this declines to a normal post performance once completed.

Once your Live…

  • Introduce yourself and establish credibility e.g “Hi everyone, my name is Ryley & I am in new car sales here at Brisbane Motor Group”
  • Ask the viewers to subscribe throughout broadcast to receive your future live video notifications
  • Tell the users what will be in it for them to keep them interested and continue watching “Today I am going to show you how quick and easy it is to set up your Bluetooth in the all new Holden”
  • Interact with the viewers as the join, like and comment “Welcome Sue, we are glad you could join us!”
  • If a question is asked, make sure you answer and state the question prior to answering so other viewers know what you’re referring to. “Sue has asked, how do the back seats fold down? Great questions Sue!” and follow with an answer.
  • Use call to actions throughout the video and end with a call to action if you want the users to follow through to your website for more information

After the Broadcast…

  • Make sure the video has posted to your fan page
  • Edit the video if you think it can add value.  Facebook has some options for you to add titles, graphics and CTA’s
  • Reply to questions and comments you had not answered during the broadcast or future ones that may come through
  • Reuse the video on YouTube, EDM and blog where appropriate.

We look forward to seeing how you use Facebook Live Video!

If you want to Find out more about Facebook Live Video and view some more best practice tips then click here!