Last year, I wrote an article on how you can use Facebook Live Video for your dealership! Since then, Facebook Live has not only taken off, it’s surprised many of us with how effective this feature can be at engaging your audience. It has also had a number of updates which have made the platform much better marketers. So let’s get straight into it!

Update #1 – (and probably the biggest one) You can now go live on your desktop or laptop!

When Facebook Live was first rolled out, it was only available via mobile! With the success of these videos, Facebook listened to the many requests for the Live feature to be made available on desktop – and our wishes were granted! You can now go live using a webcam or via professional filming equipment.


Are you sitting there thinking, that’s great, but what sort of live videos could I do via my desktop or laptop that will work for my dealership?

Then here are some ideas to get you kick started!

1.       Host a live interview with a sponsor or staff member – Meet the team is always a great and effective way to help your customers get to know you more, or even invite one of your sponsorship team members to jump on and let everyone know what they are all about and brag about your dealerships sponsorships!

2.       Create a live broadcast from an event (Sale days or launch events) – set up your equipment and have the entire presentation viewed by 100o’s of your customers (or future customers)

3.       Host a Q&A with a service team member – have someone from your service department come on live to answer any sort of mechanical question people are dying to know? Have the viewers ask questions straight away and have them answered by the professional.

4.       Drawing of a competition – run a Facebook competition lately? Had a competition running in house? Throw all the entries in a hat or barrel and do a live draw!

Update #2 – Assign a Live Contributor to go Live for you!

Any Facebook Page Admin can now assign specific people as a ‘Live Contributor’, which means this assigned person can go live on your behalf.

Up until now, you had to be a page admin to be able to go Live on a business page, which meant there was a lot of team members having full admin access to you page, but now a contributor can simply start streaming live whenever & wherever!

What a great idea to sign up your sales team as contributors, so they are able to go live as soon as anything interesting is happening around the dealership.

Outside of the dealership, you can assign your sponsors or charities that you support as contributors and they can go live from a special event that they may be attending.

Update #3 – Pin Comments

Have you done a Facebook Live video recently & had some wonderful comments and questions come through, but all that the post shows is the first two commenters saying “Hi”?

Facebook has added the ability to pin comments to your live broadcasts. This can be useful if you have answered certain questions through your broadcast, you can pin them to encourage people to watch your video when you are no longer live to have those questions answered.

Update #4 – Videos now have permalinks!

previously, live videos, if kept, were simply kept as a post on the wall, but there was no way to access them later unless you start scrolling the page! Facebook is now adding permalinks for videos. It will use the format: Viewers who visit the permalink for your page will be greeted with a live video (if your currently broadcasting) and they will see all your previous live videos.

So if you have not got on the Facebook Live Video band wagon, today is the day!

Here is how to go live from your desktop:

To start, create a new post on your business page:

1.       Then select the ‘Go Live’.

2.       Next, add in a description for your video. This will be your live video caption that viewers will read.

3.       If you haven’t already yet, you will need to give Facebook access to your camera and microphone.

4.       You will then see a preview of your video from your webcam or camera equipment (Don’t worry you are not live)

5.       Then, once you’re ready to start the broadcast, select ‘Go Live’.

6.       The video will count down from 3 & your LIVE!

7.       Once you have ended your broadcast, select ‘Finish’

8.       You will then be asked if you want to make your video available or if you want the video to be deleted. Select ‘Done’ to keep.

And that’s it! How easy is that!

If you have any other questions in regards to Facebook Live Video, contact us today!