Facebook Advertising Vs Google AdWords Advertising

You may have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion; “Do I put my already tight marketing budget into Facebook advertising or do we give it all to Google AdWords?”  Until recently many marketers and advertisers viewed these channels in an adversarial way.   The truth is… YOU NEED BOTH!

Google AdWords, the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform, is the perfect way to reach your potential customers at the point when they are showing a high buying intent and in search mode.   INTENT ADVERTISING

Facebook advertising, the world’s largest and most popular social media network, enables you to bring awareness to your vehicles, promotion or services, direct to consumers whom have not otherwise sought out the information.  AWARENESS ADVERTISING

Think of it this way; AdWords helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers find you.

Can you start to see how these two forms of advertising could be hugely beneficial to your dealership?  Google AdWords brings in all those who are searching for and have intent around your vehicles or brand.  Facebook exposes your dealership to an entirely new audience of potential buyers by making them aware of something they would have otherwise never searched for.

Facebook Advertising Vs Google AdWords Advertising

Let’s dive into the targeting options for each of these platforms.

AdWords relies on the user typing into Google one of the keywords you have pre-defined that relates to your brand.  There are of course geographic and negative keyword refinements that can be done in order to increase the effectiveness of your advert but that is essentially the extent of the targeting.  You are solely relying on the user typing a keyword that relates to your brand.

Facebook on the other hand has huge raft of targeting options to get your message in front of the people that matter most.  Targeting options include combinations of; age, gender, location, relationship status, parental status, income, interests, hobbies, brand names &  more! Advanced targeting options dive into; Remarketing, user databases, engaged page users, in-market buyers, page followers & more!

When and how will your ads be viewed?  That is another important question to ask.  If you have an important message you want to push you can update your Google AdWords copy, maybe make it bold or in all caps but because your adverts rely on the user searching your keyword you are limited to only those searching and the times they choose to do so.

Facebook Advertising Vs Google AdWords Advertising

Facebook on the other hand with its advanced targeting options will delivery your advertising almost immediately to your chosen audience as and when they come online.  Your advert utilises graphics, a carousel of graphics or even video. There is no question your Facebook adverts are far more visually appealing and portray a message with more than just words.

Facebook Advertising Vs Google AdWords Advertising

How do you measure your results? Both Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords have in-depth reporting tools that enable you monitor, review and report on campaign results.  With a small amount of website development you can also track your online conversions so that each platform reports results directly into the management portal, great for checking campaign effectiveness and making changes on the fly.

Hopefully you have started to see how harnessing the power of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising is an extremely effective marketing strategy. Understanding the differences and applying a unique strategy to the strengths each platform provides is a necessity.   Once you have a broad understanding of their capabilities, implement a strategy to fill your sales funnel using Facebooks awareness advertising and Google AdWords’ intent advertising.  Successfully combining both forms of marketing will no doubt deliver ROI and lead to long term business growth.

If you want to dive deeper into Facebook advertising and develop a strategy for your dealerships success, reach out to us today!  Remember “Same Old Marketing = Same Old Results”

Yours in social marketing success,

Scott Mackenroth.