Engage your customers via social media

Interacting with clients on social media can be scary. On one hand a good interaction with a customer can get your dealership great traction and publicity. On another hand you could go at it with the best intentions and it could blow up into something you never intended. In the era of social media, protecting your team and your company’s interests is a lot harder.

When you’ve got so much else to consider in the day-to-day running of a business, why not delegate the responsibility of your social media marketing to a team of experts for less than the cost of hiring a new staff member?

You wouldn’t employ someone to fill the role of both a mechanic and an accountant. Similarly, you shouldn’t leave your social media management to someone who’s already responsible for another role within your organisation. It takes specific training and a certain set of skills to run a good social media strategy.

Social media is such an important aspect of your public image and a great way to engage new customers and entertain your current following.

As a company who focus exclusively on the automotive industry, we get just as excited about new car releases and automotive events as your customers. We know how to speak their language and have a good yarn while also possessing the sensitivity and training to deal with delicate situations.

If you want to maintain your brand image, while growing your customer base, look no further than ClickNition, the leading Social Media Marketing firm in the automotive industry.