The following questionnaire will take you through a series of questions relating to Facebook and social media.  At the end you will receive a grading from A to E and thus giving you an indication of how well your dealership is executing a social media marketing strategy.  Don’t stress if you don’t know the answer to some of the questions, just fill it out to the best of your ability. At the end you will receive your report card and a list of all your questions answered. You can then use these questions as a guide towards improving your strategy.

Welcome to your DRIVE Questionnaire

NameDealership NameEmail
Do you have a Facebook page?
How many likes do you have on Facebook?
Is your Facebook page verified?
Does your Facebook page display the correct phone number, address and website address?
Do you have a professional looking profile image and cover photo on your Facebook page?
Does your Facebook page have a short and long description about your dealership?
Do you have a unique Facebook URL for your page? (i.e
What is your current star rating?
Are you uploading customer delivery photos?
Do you include a personalised caption with delivery photos?
How often do you post content on Facebook?
Are you posting pictures of day-to-day events happening at your dealership?
Do you feature staff in pictures?
Do you post entertaining and viral content related to your brand?
Do you post content that provides genuine value to your audience?
Do you post content that educates your audience about your brand?
Are you projecting your dealership personality accurately via Facebook? Do you make it look like a  fun place to visit?
Do you post video content?
Do you post about sponsorship and partnerships you are involved in?
Do you post photos on Facebook in the lead up and during a sale event?
Do you understand what type of content your audience engages with the most?
Do you have a social media content calender?
Do you involve your staff in the curation of content?
Do you boost (advertise) your content?
How often do you check your Facebook page for comments, reviews & posts?
Do you have at least one person in charge of responding to all comments, reviews and posts?
Do you have someone who monitors your page after hours, weekends and public holidays?
Do you have a negative comment or review escalation procedure?
Do you have a social media management tool? (i.e Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer)
Do you have a reporting tool for your Facebook Page?
Do you work with a Social Media Specialist or Marketing Agency?
Have you had a key staff member trained on social media marketing?
Do you use Facebook Business Manager to manage your Facebook page and advertising account?
Do you have a dedicated Facebook Advertising Account for the business?
Have you setup Facebook Messenger Instant Replies?
Do you deploy Facebook and/or Instagram advertising campaigns?
Do you have the Facebook Advertising Pixel installed on your website?
Have you uploaded your entire email database into Facebook as a custom audience?
Have you created remarketing custom audiences?
Have you created look-a-like custom audiences?
Have you run Facebook lead generation advertising?
Do you have a monthly budget dedicated to Facebook advertising?
Are you running Facebook remarketing advertising campaigns?
Do you have Facebook conversions set up on your website?
Do you promote your Facebook page on your website?
Do you promote your Facebook page on email marketing?
Do you promote your Facebook page on print advertising?
Do you have a Google My Business page?
Do you have photos on your Google My Business page?
Are your phone numbers, hours and address correct on your Google My Business page?
Do you have a YouTube channel?
Do you upload content to YouTube?
Are you making your own unique dealership video content?
Do you have an Instagram page?
Do you have a Twitter page?
Do you and/or your staff actively use LinkedIn?