Now is the perfect time to level up your Dealership’s in-house video production!  📽

During the COVID-19 situation your consumers will be glued to their smart phones and likely not visiting the dealership to browse. Capitalise on this and bring the showroom experience to them on Social Media!

Get your entire team involved and use this as an opportunity to connect with the consumer in a personable and relatable manner, whilst also educating them on the vehicles, vehicles features and relevant dealership updates.

Pro Tip. Advertise your videos on Social Media for maximum exposure and then create Custom Audiences of those who have viewed 50% of a video or more to retarget with future messaging.

In house video production ideas;

–          Virtual test drives
–          Vehicle walk arounds
–          Feature highlights
–          Contact-less car buying explanation
–          Meet the team
–          Car of the week
–          COVID precautions on-site
–          Dealership tours
–          Service department tour

You do not need anything but the smart phone in your pocket to get started!  But, there are a couple of essential items we recommend you purchase if in-house video content creation is part of your ongoing strategy (it should be).



Recommended Video Production Equipment 🎥👇

1. Camera Equipment
A good quality DLSR Camera is nice, but not required. Most modern mobile phones are able to shoot in High Definition and can easily switch between Landscape and Vertical video.

2. Microphones
A good quality microphone is going to be the most important purchase to improve the quality of your video production.  We recommend a wireless lapel microphone but a standard lapel microphone on an extension cord can be just as effective.

3. Gimbals & Tripods

No one likes a shaky video.  If you are going to be stationary look into a tripod.  Going to be moving around?  Purchase a gimbal to get that smooth look.

Need help editing your videos? All of our Social Media Management packages come with complimentary editing of your in-house filmed videos*.

Speak to the team at ClickNition today to find out more.