Attract more customers to your dealership

You probably have a great sales team working at your dealership. No doubt you’ve seen a lot of salespeople come and go over the years, but the best ones are knowledgeable about your service and your brand and take the time to get to know the customers.

We take the same approach in our work, we only hire people who are passionate about cars and social media, we then maintain their knowledge with ongoing training and ensure they understand your dealership’s target market.

When we set up a social media advertising campaign we do it with the same level of skill you’d see in your best salesperson. We take the time to get to intuitively know your customer, we observe the way they move around a website and browse the internet, similar to how you might watch someone browsing the showroom. We gently lead them over and encourage them to view the information we think is best suited to their needs. Then after they’ve left we follow up with targeted bits of information and ads to draw them back into the idea.

If you’d like to learn more about how we increase your sales using social media, contact us today for a strategy meeting.