We are always wanting more Facebook Page Likes & why wouldn’t you? Each ‘LIKE’ is potential future customers in the making!

We have put together 21 quick & simple ways to get more Facebook Likes, TODAY!

21 Tips to Increase your Facebook Following:

  1. Use content that works
    Find content that is already popular & could be entertaining or informative to your audience.
  2. Make sure that your Facebook Profile is complete
    Make sure that your profile photo, cover photo, biography & business information is complete & up-to-date. Not only does this show your professional attitude, but it also makes it easier for users to search & find you on Facebook.
    TIP: Place in keywords related to your business that users may search for.
  3. Take advantage of ‘Facebook Insights’
    As a marketer, knowing who your audience is, is extremely important. Especially when all of your marketing relies on you knowing who that audience is. If you have a page & aren’t checking your stats, then you’re missing out on a lot of useful information. Go check out your page’s insights now, you’ll be amazed at how much information is available about your audience. Facebook Insights are located in the top menu bar on your page.
  4. Keep it relevant
    Make sure what you’re posting is relevant! Eg. Don’t post about vehicles you don’t have or promote something that happened months ago that no one cares about anymore. Share content & news that is happening now! Your fans want to be up to date (they easily get FOMO) & are more likely to share current offers & news with friends & family.
  5. Have a ‘Facebook Like Button’ on your website
    Such a simple & easy thing to add to your website – chat with your web guys today!
  6. Post like Goldilocks!
    Try and post frequently – remember, the more you post, the more chances you have to grow your audience! But don’t kill it, there is nothing worse than to have a user frustrated by seeing you so much in their news feed they choose to UNLIKE your page! Do some testing & find whats “just right” for your audience.
  7. Include “Like our Facebook Page” on all your print & digital marketing
    Including brochures, press advertising, business cards, flyers, website banners & EDM’s.you-like-this
  8. Host a Facebook Event
    Host an event at a specific time every day/week that users can keep returning for.
    E.g. Host a “Friday Fan Day” where users post their best car pictures to your page or every Monday morning host a Facebook Live session showing off the latest model!
  9. Post your own content
    Share your own thoughts & tips, don’t always re-share others content.
  10. Share your Facebook page with your Twitter or Instagram followers
    This one is too easy!
  11. Have a competition
    This is a very effective way to gain more visibility & engagement, because who doesn’t love to win free stuff?
  12. Mention Facebook on your blog
    Mention a discussion or post you have done on Facebook in your next blog article. This will entice your readers to jump over to your Facebook & most likely click LIKE on your page!
  13. Invite users who Like your content to Like your page
    When you create a post on Facebook & you start gaining ‘Likes’ & ‘Loves’ & all the other reactions that we can do today on Facebook – you are able to invite these people to Like your page. Simply click on the names of users who have liked the post, then in the pop-up window, click invite! See below;Facebook Page Likes
  14. Include your Facebook page URL in your email signature
    How simple & effective!
  15. Run a Facebook Ad Campaign & set the goal as ‘Page Likes”
    This is a very cheap & effective way to gain page likes quickly! You can have this ad advertise to your recent website visitors, email database and to people who are interested in your brand. If you need help setting up a Like Campaign, chat with us today! 
  16. Don’t constantly sell
    Post content that is entertaining, educational & valuable, but don’t always be trying to sell! Focus on building trust & like with your user, this creates a customer that is willing to take your advice & eventually your product.
  17. Use eye-catching profile and cover photos
    Use professional quality photos that convey what your brand is about. BONUS > Visuals are consumed 6,000 times quicker by a viewer than text – so get their interest straight away!
  18. ‘Boost’ a popular post
    Set targeting to ‘people who like your page and their friends’ or ‘people you choose through targeting’ to extend the reach of your posts.
  19. Make sure your Facebook page URL contains your business name and/or keywords people may be searching for
    This one seems pretty obvious!
  20. Share videos
    Video content is the highest engaged content on Facebook and is rising daily, so it’s definitely time to get on the Video ban wagon!
  21. Invite your customer database to like your page
    You can upload your entire database (max 5000) into the ‘invite’ section on your page, and Facebook immediately sends them a message requesting they like your page! Could it be any easier?

We hope these simple tips help you start building your online community & gain more future customers!
If you would like to discuss any of these tips further, feel free to contact us today, we would love to bounce some ideas around with you!